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Rostam did the right thing, but for the wrong reasons.  King Kai Kawous knew of Rostam’s vulnerability through his altered ego and he used it against him to get the result he wanted out of Rostam. The King knew Rostam would not stand being insulted and deemed weak in front of many. Therefore, King Kai Kaiwous accuses him of being scared of a beardless boy and Rostam reponded with:

“Fear hath never been known of me, neither hath Rostam shunned the din of arms, and I depart not because of Sohrab, but because that scorn and insult have been my recompense.” (Ferdawsi 23)

            This is the statement he hath made as to why Rostam should not called a hero, because he only did it to prove to others that he is the best warrior and through anger by insults of  the King. He was not at the war because he wants to protect his people or his land, he was only fighting for himself.  The tale is somewhat made to be a curse due to Rostam’s shortcomings and arrogance. Rostam never visited his son Sohrab for over 10 years of his life, if he did, he would’ve known then how he looked like.  He deceived Sohrab to escape his own death, but unbeknownst to him he killed his own son, even though he asked him directly in more than one occasion if he was indeed Rostam.

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You have to read ” Shahnameh, “The Tale of Sohrab”  to respond to this discussion question in 100 words

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