Microeconomics assignment, 750 words, due date 31 October

 define a company strategy, which analyses and evaluates the possibilities of ONE of the 3 following companies in COVID-19 context.: 

a. SEGA (Gamming)

 b. Korn Senpai (fictional multinational company, producing farming products) 

c. Iberia Airlines

Please, consider the following aspects:

a. Write a brief Introduction to the current context consider actual consumer tastes and preferences. 

b. Pick one of the company’s key products and write about the type of market structure it competes in. List the closest substitutes of this product and also find out their market share. Find out why this product is successful or unsuccessful and how game Theory can play a role.

c. Draw a conclusion about the potential success of the company in the new microeconomic reality, considering and adaption to the new market during Covid-19 Pandemic. 

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