Module 03 Course Project – Thesis and Annotated Bibliography


Annotated Bibliography:

Along with the thesis, you will submit the annotated bibliography that references and summarizes your research.

· Include at least five sources, with three from the Rasmussen online library.

· Each annotation should be four to five sentences in length.

· Each annotation should include facts, details, and a summary of the article.

· Your last statement in the annotation should be written in first person and state why you chose the resource.

The annotated bibliography should begin on page 3 of this assignment. The Annotated Bibliography should be done in Noodlebib (again see our library resources tab). Please avoid .com sites, personal websites/blogs, and Wikipedia. If you use outside resources, make sure they are credible resources with .edu or .org or .gov, rather than .com.



country- united states 

state- Minnesota

library- rasmussen college library

library ID card- 

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