Motivation at ColorTech Greenhouses Inc. REPORT


Your group assignment is to review the case from ColorTech Greenhouses Inc, identify and make recommendations on how the Sales Manager (Melissa Richardson) could address the issues described in the case so that sales performance is increased, and the motivation of each team member is likely to improve.

As part of your analysis you are expected to apply 1-2 theories of motivation. Please note, the theories we covered in class may not be the most relevant in this case. If this is the case, you should research for and apply other theories, e.g. the Expectancy theory.

Your paper should include:

1.  An overview of the main issues from the case that needs to be addressed.

2.  A theoretical explanation of 1-2 motivation theories you are applying in your case.

3.  Analyze and make suggestions on how you would handle the situation of each employee. You should analyze and make your recommendations primarily from a motivation point of view. Make sure to apply the theories in your analysis!

4.  Analyze and make recommendations on what did Richardson did right when she started her new job? What mistakes did she make? What might have helped Richardson get off to a better start?

5.  Finally, what are your recommendations on what Richardson should do next to improve the overall situation at ColorTech?


Write a short paper, 1200-2000 words. Use a normal, 12 pt. font, double spaced, normal margins. It should have a title page with the name of the case, your name, the class name, date, and word count. Include a reference page at the end of the paper and cite sources in the paper following the Harvard Referencing System guidelines. Use primarily credible academic sources (book chapters from our course textbooks and academic research papers). Be clear throughout the text what you are referring to. 

Upload a copy (pdf or MS Word) of your paper to Turnitin before the paper is due. 

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