Your listening journal assignment is to write a three to four page paper on a musical work chosen from the list below. Your paper should provide a musical analysis of your chosen piece using the established parameters designated in our course textbook and implemented in our class discussions. If you would like to write your paper on a work not listed below, please discuss your plan with your instructors.

You have considerable flexibility regarding how you chose to approach your topic, but please develop an organized analysis that interrogates the seven elements of music and the five questions that provide the organizational foundation of our discussions: What is it? How does it work? What does it mean? What is its history? Where do we go from here? Your paper should be written in standard academic English language style (double spaced/ 11 font). Please use appropriate citations if your chose to consult source materials (APA, MLA, or Chicago style sheets), and keep in mind that all papers will be electronically checked for plagiarism.  

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