Mythology liturature test questions


2.  Refer to Book IX of  Gilgamesh (pages 159-64) to provide an overview of salient aspects of the cosmology that is part of the narrative. Note that you’ll need to be selective in choosing what aspects of this cosmology you’ll choose to present as I’m looking for how well you characterize the key points of this cosmology.

3. In Book VI of  Gilgamesh, you’ll find that he goes on a tirade against Ishtar. You’ll notice that Mitchell is perhaps a bit Freudian in that he uses a series of yonic symbols in one of Gilgamesh’s speeches against Ishtar in this section of the narrative. What’s the passage? Identify an example of a yonic symbol within this passage to explain how a psychoanalytical reading of Gilgamesh’s disparaging comments can provide a useful resource for interpreting Gilgamesh’s disdainful comments.

4. The myth of Hippomenes and Atalanta (Hendricks 2004, 200-4) was part of Ovid’s writing. Use the myth’s ending to explain what we mean by metamorphosis and why it is significant within this narrative, especially in relation to Ovid’s overall interest in metamorphoses.

5. There’s a short incident that involves the myths associated with Oedipus in your anthology (Hendricks 2004, 107-8). Explain how the Greek idea of moira is useful for understanding how they thought of personal identity as you make a reference to this myth.

6. The story of Ixion (Hendricks 2004, 180) includes some commentary on warnings against hubris. Why were the Ancient Greeks concerned with the effects of hubris? Use the myth to develop your answer.

The next 2 questions are longer responses. You can answer them in two or three paragraphs. (The first is worth 4 point and the second is worth 5 points.)

7. David Leeming provides a good discussion of studying myth in relation to worldview in the introductory chapter of his book. Refer to the myth of Jason and Media (Hendricks, 2004, 191-9) to identify an important aspect of the worldview of the teller of this Greek myth. Be sure that you not only show why this theme is part of the worldview but that your answer also reveals a good understanding of what we mean by “worldview.”

8. Tok Thompson and Gregory Schrempp incorporate the idea of truth into their title of their book,  The Truth of Myth. In the introduction and the first chapter, they explore different ideas about how we might think of the nature of truth. What is an especially significant point that they make about an inherent contrast between myth and truth? How is that idea of truth a potentially misleading way to study myths? You may wish to refer to a specific myth that we have read to illustrate your point.

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