Nursing and the aging Family DQ week 2 Part 2 Student replay Yanet Garrido

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Discuss interventions to improve/reduce risks of adverse effects. 

The aging process is a continuing natural process and succession of changes that start with birth and ends with death. Even though the natural process of gradual degeneration of the body is unavoidable, there are several interventions for the delay and prevention of the early appearance of them. Physical changes such as loss of muscle tone and the appearance of skin wrinkles appear to be one of the most important natural changes of concern within the population. Some of the intervention that help to reduce this process are a regular practice of sports. In fact, working out every day helps to maintain the tone of the muscles, the correct functioning of the bones and stress release from the brain. In addition, hydration also plays an important role in the delay of wrinkles appearance by delivering nutrients, elasticity and moistness to the skin cells. Also, sleeping a good number of hours and participating in social activities increases the healthiness of the mind and promotes the reduction of stress which also affects the aging of the skin cells. A healthy diet provides nutrients and essential vitamins to preserve a healthy body and skin.  


Berger, K. S. (2017). Developing person through the life span. Worth Publishers. 

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