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One of the most common misconceptions about elderly hold by society is their sexuality. A relatively large group of population think that shaving an active sexual life is inappropriate for older adults.  According to British Medical Journal survey, adults over 70 years are not only able to practice sexual intercourse more often that other generation but also to fully enjoy of their sexuality. (Beckman, Waern, Gustafson, & Skoog, 2008). 

Misconceptions can really affect the older population. Aging process leads to some insecurities such as feeling less attractive or the fair to fail in bed. Once the elderly become old, they see their selves as being unattractive. Therefore, depression is very common during this stage of life. Older adults start to feel not useful and very limited since the physical limitations normal in the aging process don’t allow them to do the things they used to.  

Some of the symptoms of depression that are tiredness, insomnia, and mood changes. It is important to identify them to prevent it so it can be treated correctly and avoid further complications. In addition, other medical conditions can also develop depression symptoms such as heart disease, or stroke. It also important to pay attention to the side effects of medications and polysubstance abuse, they can also develop depression  (“NIMH » Depression: What You Need To Know”, 2015). 

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