Old Testament Literature Due Tomorrow!!!

Since the Covid 19 pandemic began, many of us feel as if our lives have been turned upside down. Some of us have experienced personal and financial loss. Some of us work on the frontlines of this pandemic or labor as essential workers. We have faced disappointments; many of our hopes for 2020 are not being realized. Last Spring, Orleans, Jefferson, and surrounding parishes were Covid 19 hot spots, and now in the last quarter of the year infection rates are increasing geometrically, threatening the capacity of our health systems.  

Laments in the Bible come to my mindand may be worth reading at this time. Read the attached presentation for our archaeological moment where laments are juxtaposed with ancient sculptures illustrating loss of loved ones.

Reading the attached presentation is a course requirement. But participating in the discussion below is extra credit or to make up a missing assignment or quiz.

Lament in OT as Literature

Outline for Your Discussion Post
1. Share your thoughts on the presentation, Lament for OT as Lit Fall 2020*
2. Find and discuss two biblical laments from these recommended books (Post the biblical text so that readers don’t have to look it up.).  Keep in mind, a biblical lament is more than a single verse! You must use the full lament given, such as a full psalm or a full chapter. 2 Samuel 1:19-27 is a good example of a complete lament set within a narrative. But you cannot use this example; you must find your own from these books:
     A. Job (voice of Job)
     B. Isaiah 40-55 “Second Isaiah,” see Harris, chapter 18)
     C. Jeremiah
     D. Lamentations
     E. Psalms
     F. Any other Old Testament books 
3. Find and discuss a modern image or modern quote expressing grief or lament*. Parts 2 and 3 can be woven together as I have done using Powerpoint. Be sure to cite the creator or photographer of any images you post.

4. Conclusion. Synthesize with your insights on grief and lament*.

*Share your experiences of lament and grief, at a level that is comfortable for you. 

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