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Super Bowl Advertising The Super Bowl is an outstanding event for die-hard football fans, general sports enthusiasts and businesses. The Super Bowl features three big events: the game, half-time show and commercials. The commercials bring entertainment and an opportunity to sell to the largest television audience of the year. But, if a commercial does not entice consumers to purchase the product, it is not successful. A funny and/or memorable Super Bowl commercial is a waste of time and money if it does not stimulate sales. According to CNBC, the average cost of a 30-second ad during Super Bowl LIII is $5.25 million; that’s a serious blow to the advertising budget. Think back. During the year, how many times do you really pay attention to commercials? How many times do you leave the room during commercials? If you are like most people, the answer is “more times than not.” So what makes the Super Bowl commercials different? The answer is “anticipation”. The commercials are part of the Super Bowl trifecta. Everyone expects the commercials to be unique and humorous. Even the really bad commercials are talked about the next day over coffee at the office. The data shows that Super Bowl commercials are worth the money; 8.4% of 111 million viewers is money well spent. The million dollar question remains “why don’t consumers watch commercials throughout the rest of the year?” Probably because they don’t believe it is worthy of their time. Viewers understand that this air time is “special”. Super Bowl ads are designed to resonate with the target market. These ads communicate more than just the product; trust, loyalty and commitment are key components between the company and its consumer/viewer. A few companies consistently produce high quality, entertaining and effective advertising (i.e., advertising that entices the consumer to purchase the product). Take a look at the link below that contains all the ads that ran in Super Bowl LIII and answer the questions below: https://www.adsoftheworld.com/collection/2019_super_bowl_commercials (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. To receive full credit, you must answer all the questions below: Which Super Bowl ad is your favorite and why? How did the ad make you feel? Describe the ad, the company, the brand, and basic message. What consumer needs were identified? What was the target market and how was this market shown in the ad? Describe the demographic and psychographic characteristics you think the ad targets. Explain why you think this. Explain why you think the advertiser has targeted this group and chosen the Super Bowl to do so. Do you think this advertisement is effective at gaining the attention of the target audience? Explain why or why not. Did the ad present a call to action by the consumer or merely try to present the brand? If the ad did call for customer action, what action was called for? What particularly did you like or dislike about the ad? The purpose of the advertising and marketing behind this commercial was probably to inform, reinforce past behavior, change behavior, and create sales. In your opinion, will the ad you have chosen do these things? Why or why not. What do you think could have been done more effectively?

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