Paper Back 2 Q and A


  1. 20 possible points. Compare and contrast The Sopranos and The Whites. How is Tony similar to Walter? How are they different? What about Carmella and Skylar? The kids? 300-700 words. 
  2. 20 possible points. Discuss the four aspects of Tobias Funke from ARRESTED      DEVELOPMENT’s character. What is his Comedic Point of View? What are some of his characteristics? What about this character is humanizing and likable? What is his relation to the other characters on the show and what are their opinions of him?  300-700 words. 
  3. 20 possible points. Compare and contrast Carrie      Bradshaw and Hannah Horvath in terms of Want, Need, and Life Dream. Make sure to identify the Want, Need, and      Life Dream for each of these characters as you see them, using specific examples from the episodes we screened.  300-700      words. 
  4. 20 possible points. What are your personal expectations for a mother and how do the mothers on MOM and ROSEANNE fulfill or fall short of these expectations? 300-700 words. 
  5. 20      possible points. Based on this episode, how would you characterize the relationship between Leslie and Ann on PARKS AND      RECREATION? In your opinion, is      Leslie a good friend or trying to control Ann? Defend your answer with specific examples from the episode. 300-700 words. 

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