Project draft

your Paper Project Draft. Please submit a “draft” of your paper, which includes

  1. a brief outline of the project,
  2. at least three paragraphs written out in one of the (non-intro) sections,
  3. and highlights of a Porter’s 5 forces (optional).

and our group will focus on the inside of model 3

write about model 3 EXCEPT ( cost and efficiency ) other team mates took. 

Write me only 1 paragraph. About something in tesla model 3.

as professor said, we need at least three paragraphs written out in one of the section 

And we choose the section about the inside of model
So I may deliver a character of model 3
And other team mates will write about cost and efficiency about model 3

 and u need find one future about model3

example: Maybe like market of models 3.

so write only 1 paragraph. not a page. 

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