read short stories and answer questions


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Questions for readings relative to the Biography/ Autobiography theme:

Commentary: “How it Feels to be Colored Me” Zora Neale Hurston

  1. What significant emotion was triggered that made her state, “I remember the very day that I became colored.” Explain how and why this happened.
  2. To what is she reacting when she uses the terms “great globs of purple and red emotion.”
  3. What multicultural consideration is happening in this story?

Acculturation is one of several forms of culture contact, and has a couple of closely related terms, including assimilation and amalgamation. Although all three of these words refer to changes due to contact between different cultures, there are notable differences between them.

  • Acculturation is often tied to political conquest or expansion, and is applied to the process of change in beliefs or traditional practices that occurs when the cultural system of one group displaces that of another.
  • Assimilation refers to the process through which individuals and groups of differing heritages acquire the basic habits, attitudes, and mode of life of an embracing culture.
  • Amalgamation refers to a blending of cultures, rather than one group eliminating another (acculturation) or one group mixing itself into another (assimilation).

Casebook 1: “Autobiographical Notes” James Baldwin

  1. According to James Baldwin, what is a writer obligated to do?
  2. What does he discover are the finest principles (rule of action or conduct) in life?
  3. What multicultural consideration is happening in this story?


Use the SQ3R tool as you read:  Survey, Questions, Read, Recall, Review

Vigorously PROOFREAD your paper before posting to the Assignment Tool.

*Submit MLA formatted paper with numbered answers to the questions provided here to the Assignment tool and not the Discussion Board.

You are expected to use complete sentences in a short paragraph answer to each question, with substantive proof from the texts that include quotes and in-text citations.

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