TOPIC: The prophets played a significant role leading to and during the exile. At this time, messianic ideas blossomed. Please describe one of these messianic portraits drawn by the prophets. Please explain how these may have been understood in relationship to the Davidic covenant. Requirements: 

Length: 3-4 double-spaced, typed pages

To meet the length requirement, the paper must be three full pages o Acceptable paper will end on the fourth page 

Style: MLA, 7th edition

MLA style formatting is required for the paper


MLA formatted header (last name page number in the heading, not the text area)

MLA formatted heading (Student Name, Instructor Name, Full name of class, Date in International format [i.e., 10 October 2012])

MLA required title

In-text citations are required and must have a matching entry in the Works Cited 

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