Research paper


Requirements for the research paper:

Select a topic that interests you.

Create a Word Document that is at least seven pages long.

Detailed Research Paper Requirements

  1. A Title Page with: (Title Page does not count as a page)
  2. The paper topic
  3. Your name, the course, and the date
  4. The professor’s name
  5. A Table of Contents with: – (Table of Contents does not count as a page)
  6. Headings and their page numbers
  7. A Research Paper with:
  8. An Introduction
  9. A well-organized Body separated into Sections and Subsections
  10. An ending with a Conclusion/Summary
  11. A Reference or Bibliography
  12. An appendix (if needed)
  13. Additional Requirements

Additional requirements that count towards your final grade:

  1. 1-inch margins ONLY
  2. 12 point font
  3. Double spaced lines
  4. Single spaced references/bibliography
  5. Paragraphs at least 5 to 7 sentences long
  6. Number all pages except the Title Page
  7. Include images
  8. Include an Excel chart

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