Response 2

The purpose of slave narratives was to provide a testament against the horrors of slavery and provide a call to action to have slavery abolished. Discuss 2-3 compelling arguments against slavery made in the assigned readings by Douglass or Jacobs.


  • 500 Words
  • Your work must be formatted in MLA
  • Provide documentation when quoting from the assigned text(s).
  • A Works Cited page must be included
  • See Resources & Services for MLA information. Scroll down to the MLA Basicssection.
  • No outside sources may be used.
  • Submit your file in .doc or .docx
  • Your work must be submitted by the date and time on the course schedule of the syllabus. Please try to submit your work ahead of deadline in case of technical issues.

These are the only websites that may be used for documentation as per the criteria above

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