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The Rocking Horse Winner is steeped in psychoanalytical theory.  Explain what happened to Paul.  Was he obsessed with riding the horse?  Be thorough.


Questions for “A Rocking Horse Winner” 

Q1. There was“sense of a shortage of money.” What is so important about social standing? 

* Why is the house haunted by the phrase, “There must be more money!”? 

Q2. D.H. Lawrence writes about Paul’s eyes in a peculiar manner? List the references to the eyes and explain what they mean? 

Q3. His mother wants all of the 5,000 pounds. Is this Greed? 

Q4. Why does Lawrence liken the sound of the rocking horse to madness? 

Q5. END Paul ends up with brain fever and dies leaving his mother with basically millions of dollars. 

Was he lucky? And at what cost? Why did Paul die? Can we blame his mother? 

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