The city and green spaces


This assignment is a variation of a Question-Comment-Connect post, which you may have done in another class. 

Part 1: Question:

Pose one or more questions prompted by the readings which engage you as a writer, but for which you may not have a ready answer. These should be questions you would like to discuss more together online and in class, including questions about how we might interpret/analyze particular ideas in the readings, how we might apply the readings to particular academic/non-academic contexts, how we might situate or contextualize the readings, or how others might personally respond to/understand the ideas in the readings.

Part 2: Comment:

Pick 3 ideas/themes that you saw in the readings and explain those connections. For each one, explain the idea/theme in your own words, then explain how the each text (use at least two of them) engages with that idea. You might also explain your reaction to that idea. You should write at least 100 words for each idea/theme you choose (300 words total) and you should refer to specific details in the texts to support your answers. 

Here are some ideas for things that might connect the readings, but you can present your own! 

  • Race and access to/experience with nature
  • Class and access to/experience with nature
  • Politics as shaping one’s view of nature
  • Cultural beliefs affecting views of nature
  • City itself as nature
  • Nature as related to well-being (or the opposite)
  • Nature as personal 

Again, if you choose something from my list, state it in your own words. Don’t try to guess what I see, tell me what you see! 

Friendly tip: there are no wrong answers. If you see something that is showing up in multiple readings and you can point to examples in the texts as evidence, then that counts as a connection! 

Part 3: Connect:

Draw specific connections to something beyond the readings, including particular academic/non-academic experiences, texts, and contexts. You might make connections to another part of your life/experience in or out of the university, a connection to another part of our class, a connection to another class you are taking or have taken, a connection to an issue in the media, etc.

the link to the reading:

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