The two Fridas by Frida Kahlo


How do the Artist’s or Director’s stylistic choices (brush strokes, jump-cuts, framing) contribute to the overall structure, meaning, and impact of the piece?

Description: This assignment is an image interpretation essay about a photograph, painting, Artistic Images work on two levels: the literal and the figurative. The literal meaning is what is being said at face value. The figurative meaning is the meaning the image is suggesting. For example, a famous photograph of a victim of the Vietnam War was taken to persuade American citizens against the country’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Various aspects all contribute to the figurative meaning, such as the framing, the content captured, repeated images, color or lack of color. What is the piece expressing? How is the artist expressing this? Your job is not not only look at WHAT the artist is saying, but also HOW the artist is saying it.

Argue an original thesis that shows your interpretation of the piece.. Research should support your points but should not be your points.

This Paper should have two outside sources. Meaning, articles written about your image selected, articles written about how artists create meaning with their medium, articles written about the artist.


The following is a list of what you will need to have in your paper in order to receive an A. 

Your Proposal should:

  1. Be approximately 2-4 pages in length. 
  2. First state your thesis.
  3. Your thesis can be one or two sentences. It should be an      interpretation of the figurative meaning of the piece. It should include      two technical aspects which help explain the meaning.
  4. Be written in third person objective.
  5. Include two outside      sources you used in order to prove your thesis. The episode itself will      also count as a citation, this is a total of three sources.
  6. Include a works cited      page.


  7. All grammar and spelling errors should be fixed by your final      draft.


  8. Have a clear thesis and strong supporting evidence.
  9. Use a minimum of 3 sources( one primary source and two      secondary sources). Primary= the piece of art. Secondary= articles,      interviews, videos, or documentaries about the primary source. 
  10. Sources may be hardcopy . You can use Google, but      make sure the source is reliable!


  11. Your thesis must look at      not only WHAT the artist is saying, but HOW the artist is saying it. This      will be the focus of your thesis statement. This thesis must discuss the figurative meaning of the image,      as well as the technical aspects that add to the figurative meaning. For      example, is it the colors of the painting that adds to the meaning? 

Your three sources: original image, and two supporting pieces of evidence(such as an interview with artist/director(yes you can use YouTube) and an article must be underneath your thesis and in MLA Format. 

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