THE ESSAY HAS TO BE COMPOSED BASED ON 12 ARTICLES / REPORTS. BELLOW PLEASE FIND ATTACHED 13 REPORTS FROM WHERE YOU CAN CHOOSE 12. Take from those 12 reports the essentials and create one essay that is describing in detail the subject” Tourism constraints among seniors”.THE SUBJECT OF THE REPORT IS ” Tourism constraints among seniors ” THE REPORT HAS TO BE MADE ON THIS TOPIC. The essay has to include : Learning outcomes tested 

  • The team has to research, develop and discuss the literature about the topic selected  
  • Identify tourism and contemporary tourism issues from a global perspective.
  • Identify various components of the tourism system
  • Understand how basic economic principles related to global community-oriented tourism.
  • Understand the psychological implications of tourism destination marketing practices.
  • Generate awareness of the current challenges, and develop skills for identifying industry problems and proposing solutions.
  • Understand how basic social-cultural principles relate to global community-oriented tourism. Gain a more comprehensive understanding of culture in tourism
  • Identify the relationship between hosts and guests, and the role of the tourist as an agent for cultural change.
  • Table of content  
  • The Literature Review must be 2,500 words in length
  • The finished paper must be on plain white A4 paper. The body of the report must have the following font: Times New Roman at 12 points, 1.5 or double spacing. For emphasis of certain headings, other fonts at a larger size may be used. The margins must be set at the default (top/bottom 2.5 cm, left/right 2.5 cm)
  • In-text referencing and the reference list have to be in line with the Harvard Referencing System. All information sources used in the Written Report need to be referenced. To reference them, students, need to use the referencing style from the Harvard Referencing System
  • Countries can be mentioned ONLY WITH CLEAR CONTEXT or AS AN EXAMPLE
  1. Grading 
    • Interpretation of task
    • Development of a logical and well-ordered argument
    • Evidence of wider reading and research into the topic area
    • Critical analysis, evaluation, and synthesis
    • Professional and appealing

    POSTERThe poster has to include the most important informations from the report and the main topics. Pictures are mandatory !! Bellow find attached an example of the poster. 

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