two ted talks critique

you need to write me 2 papers with at least 600 words for each.


Turkle – Connected but Alone

Williams – The voices of Twitter users

Berners-Lee – A Magna Carta for the web

Dawesar – Life in the “digital now”

Cranor – What’s wrong with your password

Hancock – the future of lying

you may choose two from these and answer the questions

 Some Evaluation Thoughts. You do not have to use this template but may find some suggestions useful.
1. Who is the speaker? What is his/her occupation? Did the speaker clarify the purpose of the presentation and why he/she is a credible speaker on the topic?
2.  Did he/she seem well prepared? How did you come to this conclusion? Be specific.
3. Was the speaker’s introduction effective? If not, how could the introduction be improved? What attention getting technique/method did the speaker use to get the audience’s interest? Did the speaker relate his/her topic to this particular audience? How could you tell? Be specific in your response.
4.  What type of supporting materials did the speaker use to develop his/her speech? Were they interesting and/or convincing? An example?
5.   Was the speaker’s conclusion effective? If not, how could it be improved? What was the speaker’s method of message reinforcement and closure?
6.   How did the audience respond?
7.  Describe the content (briefly) and did it make sense? Was it effective?
8.  Did you like or dislike the speaker’s overall performance? Why? What specifically could the speaker have done differently to improve his/her presentation 

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