A.  In two or three sentences define 5 of the following terms. Place the term in its context (Who?, What?, When?,  Where?, and SIGNIFICANCE) and describe its use.

1.  Revanche    

2.  sovereignty  

3.  charge d’ affaires  

4.  “DCM”    

5.  Francophile

6.  Anglophile

7.  hegemonic

8.  Whitehall  

9.  carte blanche  

10.  strategy

B. Essay.

Write a FIVE (5) to SEVEN (7) page, DOUBLE-SPACED essay on ONE (1) of the numbered topics below relating to the subject matter of this course: American diplomacy/foreign affairs/foreign policy. 

Use only sources or references included in this course from your readings, PowerPoint, and Lectures provided: do not go to outside sources (Google, Wikipedia, AOL, or any other sources of that kind). Write a standard, university level essay: introduction, body, conclusion, using any format related to your discipline/field of study. Use text notes to identify your sources. Make certain that all text that is in someone else’s words or ideas is properly attributed. Use you Grammatikand Spellchecker function on your computer. Rewrite your essay as necessary to produce the best possible product. This is basically a research paper utilizing online-class proceedings, course texts, online class handouts, Blackboard course material for this course, and any other books or materials consulted specifically for this course. 

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