Weeek 5 Discussion Talk Part 2 (for NoorFatima)


TED TALK Discussion

Ms. Orofino begins this TED Talk highlighting voter turn-out relative to the increasing apathy for engagement in the democratic process. Indeed it is startling to hear that the Mayor of Los Angeles was voted in by a mere 200K residents (out of a city of 4 million!) She further argues that increasing dissatisfaction in cities is in part due to suburbanization resulting in increasing isolation based on how we physically live and interact with each other. 

She argues that the decision making process must change to what she calls a citizen participation revolution. Voting cannot be our only mechanism for effecting decision making. She urges that we reorient engagement that attacks inequality by inclusivity! 

Finally, technology can be a tremendous ally. Ms. Orofino advocates for grassroots organized citizen advocacy participation and argues that we can make our voices heard. 

I couldn’t help but think about the current national climate of American citizens raising their voices as I watched this TedTalk. As Americans, our right to assemble and speak freely as well as participate in the democratic process is so fundamental. We do have the ability to give control to leadership and to processes. Orofino is challenging us to demand real participation. It is in part exercising our right to vote, but in part, how we engage our leaders at the local level about pot holes, street lights, and providing services.  Here is the link for video https://www.ted.com/talks/alessandra_orofino_it_s_our_city_let_s_fix_it/discussion

Let’s discuss! 

1. What struck you most about this Ted Talk and why? 

2. Do you agree with Ms. Orofino, or not? 

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