Week 3: Discussion 1


Discussion Topic #1: What key elements in the planning process have you identified as your top five in an ordinal ranking/why? What other component parts should be included as part of an emergency plan?

In addition to the assigned readings this week, conduct independent research for this topic. Locate an article, PPT, or web site that supports your position for Discussion Topic #1. After you reference it in your post, place the article or PPT into the Doc Sharing area to facilitate future student use. When you place it into the Doc Sharing area use the following format: Week 4 – McLellan- National Integration Center sets policy (the article or PPT name).

Study Notes: (Please see attachments)

  NIMS has specific methods of creating relationships to improve the flow of personnel, services, assistance while providing a higher level of citizen and responder safety.

Review the attached documents with respect to how you visualize a critical incident unfolding in your community. How will your police, fire, EMS, public health, and public works integrate with the county, state, and federal agencies? 

 1. NIMS Chapter 4 and Appendix B Tab 3.
2. Canton Chapters 7 & 8

Emergency Management: Concepts and Strategies for Effective Programs 2007

Author:Canton, Lucien G.ISBN-13:978-0-471-73487-1ISBN-10:0-471-73487-XEdition/Copyright:2007Publisher:John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

3. Zelikow Chapter 9.4 (starts on page 315)  (please see attachment NIMS-2008)


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