Week 5 Paper (for NoorFatima)


Compose a paper that is three pages long, double-spaced, plus a references page.  

Here’s the hypothetical – Topic Background

The City Council will be hearing from staff about the pros and cons for a proposal for a major new piece of rail transportation infrastructure. The proposal includes adding a new major viaduct through part of the City. The City Council directed staff to conduct civic engagement before the matter comes before them for action so that the Council hears from the community as part of their decision-making process. 

This topic will impact a wide cross section of the City, and you (as staff Planner) know that there are several low-income, minority, and disadvantaged population communities that will be directly and indirectly affected by the proposal. You are concerned that these community voices will go unheard as compared to the louder voices of the higher-income, more privileged communities. Further, you worry that these more marginalized communities will not be in favor of the proposal.  But, these communities may not attend outreach events or speak up. There are more privileged, affluent and very vocal organized neighborhoods that will turn out to events. 

The Task- Prepare a Public Engagement Action Plan

You will prepare a Public Engagement Plan. The plan should address how you will conduct outreach to the marginalized communities impacted by this proposal. Consider that language might be a barrier. Consider that standard open houses may not yield good attendance. How will you make sure these voices are heard and considered in the City  Council’s decision? 

Please include the following considerations. You do not need to answer every point but I will be looking at these considerations to understand your Plan. 

1. What is the overall objective? What do you hope to gain or learn by the effort?  

2. Is this effort to Inform or to Seek Input? Why or why not? 

3. What communities will you engage? How will you make them aware of the Project proposal?

4. How will you conduct the engagement? Provide specifics. Consider the how of your Plan? What tools? How will you spread the word?  

5. How will you handle opposition?  

6. How will you ensure robust participation?  

Note: Be creative and have fun with this assignment

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