Western Civilization

The social structure that emerged in Europe during the Middle Ages was one of great stratification. The wealthiest held the vast majority of the land, while most of the population lived in poverty. What do you believe the problems of this social structure can be?

respond to this post: The feudal system emerged as the social structure that preserved power in the hands of the few. The basic political, economic, and social unit became the manor system, and most of the population worked on land owned by the head of the manor. Lords provided safety, security, and protection to peasants as well as granted land to them in return for their labor and fees. Another problem was that people became tied to the land as serfs because the manor was self-sufficient during the early Middle Ages. Since manor were self-sufficient, it did not matter that trade was limited. This paved the way for an emerging wealthy class who benefited because of weak governments that depended on a system of allegiances from the military. Women were important as heiresses for marriage, as men pursued to increase their wealth and power through marriage alliances. Marriage existed solely within one’s class, royalty and nobility had the wealth because of land ownership. Most people were not educated at this time, and literacy was only found among the clergy, the scribes, and some royalty. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe’s decline to a basic economy limited the freedom and economic potential of most of the people.

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