World Literature


Assignment: Write a Research paper 


•Use topics below

•First Draft/Final Draft: 6 pages 

    Research: 8-10 pages

•Turn in assignment with 3 separate attachments( First Draft, Final Copy, Research Used)  

•MLA Format

•12 Font

•Double- Spaced 

•Cite Sources( in both First Draft and Final Copy)

Topics for your research paper:

1. Why is Achilles considered a tragic hero?

2. After repeated punishments the very proud Odysseus realized he was nothing less, nothing more, and he was only one man in the world.

How did all this happen? 

3. Can you compare Confucius educational theory with the one you know in the US?

4. Now more and more states and cities in the US stopped celebrate Columbus Day in the US, instead, they begin to observe the Native People’s Day. What is your opinion? Explain why based on your research.

5. Compare the role of women in “The Thousand And One Nights” with the role of women today.

**You may choose one of  them and begin to focus on it starting doing your research. You cannot write the research paper with any separate topic we do not agree upon.**

***Find information on the Internet, etc. using search engines and you should include copies (8-10 pages) of your research IN A SEPARATE ATTACHMENT. You will turn your *research, first draft and final copy* in together but in 3 separate attachments.***

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