Writing assignment 3

Following your bullet points regarding Gettysburg and related matters, your next paragraph will be to develop a single idea on any of the recent topics/discovery trails you have taken in the past few weeks. As you surely noticed in Lincoln’s address, much can be expressed in less than 300 words.

What you must consider is the fundamental purpose of a thesis: in a single line, state what you want the reader (that’s me) to believe about your topic after I read the paragraph. Develop one, single, clearly focused idea. Use the material you’ve learned (read/heard/saw) in support. Be sure a song title, a writer, and what lyrics/lines you use are spelled correctly.

For this assignment you must have a correct header, a title, the paragraph between 270-300 words (give word count),and learn from your previous paragraphs’ mistakes. Finally, proof-read carefully: I do not want to be the first person to read this paragraph.

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