Writing with the method: Narration

Narrative writing is about telling a story.   Choose one of the following topics, or any other topic they suggest, for an essay developed by narration. The topic you decide on should be something you care about so that narration is a means of communicating an idea, not an end in itself. Write about 500 words.  Be sure to include: how, when, where, why, and who. How provides context. When and where is the setting. Why describes events that led up to the thing you discuss, or tells is the importance of the event. Who tells us about the people in the story. Also include dialogue so we can know what the people are like and descriptions of the setting so we can see it in our minds.  Friends and relations: 1. Gaining independence 2. A friend’s generosity or sacrifice 3. A significant trip with your family 4. A wedding or a funeral 5. An incident from family legend  The world around you: 6. A storm, a flood, an earthquake or another natural event 7. The history of your neighborhood 8. The most important minutes of a particular sports game 9. A school event, such as a meeting, demonstration, or celebration 10. A time when a poem, story, film, song, or other work left you feeling changed  Lessons of daily life: 11. Acquiring or repaying a debt, either psychological or financial 12. A time when you confronted authority 13. A time when you had to deliver bad news 14. A time when a new, eagerly anticipated possession proved disappointing 15. Your biggest social blunde 

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